What We Do

Derderian Consulting Services provides a targeted approach to small business consulting that will transform your business into an efficient and focused machine.

Our goal is simple - stop working for your business and make your business work for you!

Efficiency and Organization

Evaluate time management to prioritize and delegate tasks

Implement SOPs for a more streamlined workflow

Decrease overhead by eliminating unnecessary processes

Focus Direction and Clarify the Mission

Precisely define the purpose of the business

Present the service and products provided in a simple way for the consumer to understand

Increase revenue by amplifying the most effective aspects of the business

Strategic Optimization

Target the audience with precise marketing

Design creative approaches to stand out in the market

Generate brand recognition through ingenuity

Cultivate Business Relationships

Build loyalty with existing customers and clientele

Grow business networks for reciprocity

Develop referral systems to generate new business

How We Operate

I provide a strategic and creative approach with the sole purpose of creating efficiency and focus to allow your business to thrive. This includes honing existing strengths, identifying shortcomings, and collaboratively creating solutions to increase optimization, expand market share, and raise profit margins.

I believe running a successful and thriving small business centers around relationships. This includes relationships with customers, clientele, vendors, other businesses, and even internally with your own team. As a retired Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of education and experience in the field of human relationships, relationships is where my expertise and training truly shine. 

My credentials paired with my experience managing companies makes me an ideal consultant for small businesses such as yours. In the end, I work closely with owners and their teams to develop a custom approach to helping their business flourish.

What Clients Say

Review and Testimonials
Paul Deuchar

Paul Deuchar

CEO of UseVerb

Gregory’s a focused and highly driven business leader who is capable of taking charge of initiatives. He’s a detail oriented person with astute people observation skills. Gregory worked on an initiative with me at UseVerb in Texas during the last quarter of 2023. He is highly capable and a good guy.

Marc Dehi

Marc Dehi

CEO | DREX Healthcare Staffing

Greg is always very quick and responsive. He has made sure we had all the information we needed. The consulting services are top notch and equip our team to be able to implement and execute our strategy. We can definitely recommend his services!!

Angelica Prieto

Angelica Prieto

Principal Consultant | Expense Reduction Analysts

Greg is a wonderful business consultant. He has a lot of experience, and he goes the extra mile to solve problems and achieve objectives. I recommend his services very highly.

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Owner | RT Consultants

Gregory has been a great help to me and my new business. I appreciate the time and effort he has taken to find the right solutions.

Justin Lynch

Justin Lynch

Brand Strategist | Avlier

Gregory is a true professional! No matter the challenges your business is facing, he'll take the time to understand the situation and present a compelling solution. Every time I've worked with Gregory I've come away impressed and will continue to use his services as my business grows.

Roger del Campo

Roger del Campo

Owner | West Texas Jiu-Jitsu Academy

I wouldn’t have been able to start my business as I did without Derderian Consulting Services. A martial arts business is unconventional in its needs and the industry is very dynamic, but Greg was able to adapt and help my business grow regardless. I’m very pleased with my decision to utilize Derderian Consulting Services.

Rohan Dhurandhar

Rohan Dhurandhar

Co-Founder | Obthera

One of the worst feelings is being 'stuck' where no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to get ahead. This is the position we found ourselves in, with stalling revenues, and no matter what we tried — no progress! That’s where Gregory stepped in…he 'unstuck' us by accurately diagnosing the problems we faced, and then strategically helping us find solutions. Our business was completely transformed, and we were able to do it quickly and efficiently because of his insight. He is methodical, innovative, and thorough. He helps with the big picture, as well as the details. If you want to transform your business, Gregory is the person to turn to.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Director Of Development | Flint Avenue Marketing

I've worked with Greg on several projects in the last few years and he's always insightful, intelligent, and candid. Greg is a great resource for anyone looking for a new perspective on existing operations, or when spinning up a new platform, offering, or company.

Riley Barrett

Riley Barrett

Owner & Head of Design | Barrett Designs

I've known Greg for over three years now and I've personally have worked with him on several
projects including internal and external business process improvement. He knows how to take a manual process and improve upon it ten fold. If your business needs a consultant, I highly recommend Greg as your go-to guy for any business process improvement!

Robert Freeman

Robert Freeman

Co-owner & President | Guardian Home Care Services

Gregory organized our patient, tax, and other records creating a much more efficient flow to our business.  He also wrote many policies and procedures for our staff to follow, cutting time and saving money. He set up a secure backup system for much less than others had quoted.  He greatly enhanced the security of our entire system. I cannot imagine where we would be without his help.

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